Hallah Activewear

Supporting their movement to be a local activewear for EcoWarriors where every product sold means 1 tree planted, Hydro Flask Indonesia has been in partnership with Hallah ever since they launched in 2020. They live and operate by #doingright as their way of new life. They strongly believe that caring for the only environment we have now includes caring for ourselves - from the inside and outside. One of their ethos, "Love, fitness, environment and doesn’t discriminate between any gender, size, religion and race." states self-care, environmental awareness and inclusivity which are clearly projected in their brand's products.
Instagram: @hallah_official

Refill My Bottle Indonesia

Refill My Bottle, is a movement and campaign for people to be encouraged to refill their drinks instead of buying bottled water that contributes to the environment's major pollutants - plastic waste. The team was initially found in Bali, and ever since its initiation has grown significantly with over 4,000 refill stations in South East Asia and its neighbouring countries. They, "are a community of responsible travellers, conscious locals and mindful business owners who take action against plastic waste." and they've shared this vision with Hydro Flask Indonesia's movement from the #RefillForGood campaign to making its stores as refill stations to be found in their app. Website:
Instagram: @refillmybottle_
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